Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Mountain Air Cabin Rentals has cabins located just miles from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and embraces all the Smoky Mountains has to offer families, couples and those seeking adventure!

The National Park was officially created on June 15, 1934. Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated the ceremony at Newfound Gap, a central point along the spine of the mountains that separates Tennessee from North Carolina. Unlike the vast western parks, the Great Smoky Mountains had been inhabited for some time and parcels of land had to be purchased from settlers. Pioneers crossed the mountains from North Carolina in the early 1800’s to reach rich, isolated valleys. Before them, the Cherokee lived from these lands. But by the 1920’s, the verdant southern Appalachians had been damaged by fires and stripped of most of their timber. Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Pigeon Forge Cabins A $5 million investment from famous industrialist John D. Rockefeller, along with the support of concerned citizens throughout the region, helped attain the final goal of the park’s establishment, protecting nearly 500,000 acres of land from development and creating a public space for the entire country’s enjoyment.

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Hiking in the Smokies is one of the favorite activities of many who visit. Hike Laurel Falls, Abrams Creek, Rainbow Falls, Grotto Falls along with so many more wonderful hiking adventures when you come and stay with us. It may be that you decide the Townsend and Cades Cove area is where you want to spend the day. Cades Cove is well known for its culture and history, along with wildlife sightings. Mountain Air Cabin Rentals has cabins located throughout the county so you can tell us what interests you and we can locate you in a convenient place to enjoy those activities.

For families and couples and even groups the Scavenger Hike Adventure Book may be a perfect addition to your Great Smoky Mountain adventures. “Scavenger Hike Adventures” presents an ideal opportunity to involve everyone participating in your family reunion, corporate or group retreat, or family group to enjoy this activity. Follow the clues on Easy, Moderate and Extreme Hikes to find hundreds of hidden treasures on National Park trails.

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Another fun guided way to enjoy the Smokies is through:
A Walk in the Woods is pretty much a one-stop destination to the nature of the Smoky Mountains. They offer a large selection of tours including;

  • Easy, interpretive guided nature walks
  • Guided hikes
  • Birding and salamander treks
  • Medicinal plant walks
  • Children’s programs
  • Hiker shuttle service
  • Appalachian Trail support
  • Trip planning
  • Guided backpacking trips

Have fun hiking the Smokies when you stay with us at Mountain Air Cabin Rentals.
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The Black Bears of Gatlinburg, Tennessee
One of the most popular attractions of the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area is the Black Bear. People travel from all over the Eastern United States for an encounter with one of these animals.

The symbol of the Smokies, the American Black Bear, is perhaps the most famous resident of the park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides the largest protected bear habitat in the East. Though populations are variable, biologists estimate approximately 1,800 bears live in the park, a density of over two bears per square mile.

During spring and summer and into autumn, most activity takes place during early morning and late evening hours, which can make a Smoky Mountain sunrise or sunset even more spectacular. Up to 5 cubs can be born during the mother’s winter sleep. Mothers with their cubs usually emerge from their winter dens in late March or early April. Often by the time of Gatlinburg’s famed Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Smoky Mountain National Park, mothers and their cubs can be seen in their terrain.

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