Dollywood Splash Country's New Ride for 2013

DollyWood's Splash Country Water Adventure ParkLike it's flagship park, Dolly's Splash Country is no slouch in the quality family entertainment department, and as Dollywood grows every year, so too does Dolly's Splash Country - not that they have a lot of competition in public waterparks in the area right now, but why should that stop them from offering visitors more every year?

This year, Splash Country is getting a country-wide first that seems pretty hard to believe and yet surprising that no one yet has made one - a water coaster.

Combining the best parts of a roller coaster with the best parts of a water slide, Splash Country's new RiverRush is nearly 1,200 feet of adrenaline-pumping track on a ride four stories tall with hairpin turns, dark tunnels, and a fun summer experience you couldn't forget if you tried your hardest. Four people fit into one raft and then zoom down the rushing water slides, climb back up, and do it again at speeds you have to feel to make real.

Splash Country is now open for 2013 until September 2nd, and is only roughly 15 minutes away from most of our houses in Sevier County. To find one in a good spot that's right for you, see our website at