Experience the Wonders of Cades Cove’s Lavish Fall Scenery

Plan your next trip to the wonderful Smoky Mountains and stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin with Mountain Air Rentals! When you stay with Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, you are nearby to all of the amazing places in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, like Cades Cove. Cades Cove is a beautiful 6,800 acre verdant valley filled with active wildlife: wild turkey, white-tailed deer black bears, racoons, elk, and over 200 different species of birds (just to name a few). The scenery offered along the grounds of Cades Cove is unlike any other area in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You'll find primitive, historic structures that have stood the test of time like churches, homesteads, corn cribs, irrigation systems and grist mills! Come out to the Smoky Mountains this fall and see it for yourself!

Spend the Day Exploring and Playing in Nature's Theme Park!

Cades Cove is overflowing with lush fields of swaying grain. All you need is a big blanket and a full picnic basket to enjoy yourself. From the fields, you can be still and listen to a panoply of songbirds serenading you over a hearty sandwich. Lay back and count the colors around you and make shapes out of the clouds in the Smoky Mountain sky. Auto Touring is a wonderful way to get in all the good views. Cades Cove Loop Road is among everyone's favorite in the valley. Cades Cove Loop is an 11-mile paved road that loops you back to start. You can keep going again and again to see if you might have missed something spectacular along the way. You'll have the chance to see several animals during the fall. The leaves are blowing in the breezes that filter through your car windows, and you will hear the rushing of nearby streams and waterfalls. Be sure to have your camera ready to go!

Explore the Primitive Structures

Cades Cove is filled to the brim with old historic structures. You will find original homesteads from the first settlers of the area. Some homesteads will allow you to enter and see old fireplaces and make you wonder home many home cooked meals were made there. Glance through the original windows of the cabins and see life the way they saw it back then. You'll find corn cribs, tobacco hanging barns, and even original irrigation systems that allowed them to have running water to hydrate their fields of corn. The fall color that encapsulates these structures completely takes you back in time. The buildings will appear as if time is standing still within a land of prismatic fall color!

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