Fall in the Smokies: Paint the Mountains

Experience the most exciting time of year in the Smoky Mountains! Fall is when the mountains come to life and show us their true beauty. Spring provides us with renewal and growth with multi-colored hues of pastels and light. But, there is a completely different kind of beauty that you absorb during fall in the Smokies. The leaves make everything glow a little brighter. If you haven't been to the Smoky Mountains as the leaves change, now is the perfect time to book a cabin in Pigeon Forge and do just that! Mountain Air Cabin Rentals provides a wide selection of Pigeon Forge cabins surrounded with beautiful foliage. Come and experience all of the whimsy of fall at a Pigeon Forge cabin! Mountain Air Cabin Rentals will find the perfect Pigeon Forge cabin to ensure that you and yours will be right in the middle of all things fall! Cabins of the Smokies | Fall in the Smokies

Fall Auto Touring

How would you like to sit back, relax, and watch the leaves change from the comfort of your car? Well, fall is the perfect time to do exactly that! Auto touring in the fall is a pleasant activity that you can enjoy any time of the day. The breeze will blow through the leaves, above and below, creating a whirlwind of color. Cades Cove and Historic Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail are two of the best places to auto tour in the Smokies any time of the year, especially fall. Both areas provide exceptional wildlife viewing, waterfalls, and best of all ambient leaves!

Enjoy All the Gifts of Fall at a Cabin in Pigeon Forge

Our Pigeon Forge cabins are an enlightening way to experience fall in the Smokies. Fall mornings are crisp and dewy. The leaves whistle at you as the wind blows, the birds chirp happily- All while you relax on your cabin deck sipping on a warm cup of spiced herbal tea rearing and ready to begin your day. The sunshine filters through the leaves differently, making everything around you warm and inviting. Nights are soothing, especially when paired with good company or a good book. Take your relaxation to the next level and soak in the hot tub.

Stunning Colorful Views

As we have said before, fall brings something different to the mountains than the joy of other seasons. The glow of the leaves seems to make our town cozier! When the mountains are green with renewal, we sometimes undervalue  just how big they really are. When their leaves change to several different colors, you begin to notice the ridgelines differently. The size of the Smoky Mountains becomes more apparent, and you feel a little smaller while examining their grand stature. Be surrounded with the luminescence of the changing leaves when you stay in a cabin in Pigeon Forge with Mountain Air Cabin Rentals.

Hiking in Fall Weather

Fall is perfect! Everything about it is enjoyable, especially the temperature. Hiking during other seasons can be bitter cold or undeniably hot and muggy. Fall is the perfect in between temperature. You are less likely to overheat, the views are magnified, and the waterfalls seem to be decorated with fallen colored leaves making it look as if treasure has been sprinkled all over them.

A Fall Timeline: It's Leaf Season!

Oh, September

September is the point in time where all the magic begins to take place. The leaves will begin to change in the highest elevations of the Smokies during this time. You will start to see yellows, golds and pops of bright red. The majority of the leaves will still be green, but nature likes to leave you with the element of surprise. You'll find yourself running into these hidden gems unknowingly, and an urge to smile will wash over you. Fall makes us just as giddy as snow falling on the ground! Newfound Gap and Clingmans Dome are great places to see the first bit of color in the Smokies.

The First Half of October

As October breaks on the calendar, the Smoky Mountains will be starting to drip with golds, yellows, faint burgundies, and browns. The change of the leaves is completely up to mother nature herself. A good estimate for the true beginning of change is the first half of October.

Middle and Late October

The middle of October is the calendar reminder for seasoned leaf peepers to keep the eye out for "the change". The change can happen at any time, even over night when you least expect it! The color grade from the higher elevations will continue to drop lower and lower into the lessened elevations within a week or three from this point. Around this timeframe is when you will begin to see a full color peak in the higher elevations. Historic Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail would be a good location to see the leaves at this time. Later in October is when the mountains truly come to life! You will begin to see more depths of color: yellows, dark golds, light, bold golds, illuminated shades of red, bright and dark orange, browns, and hints of burgundy.

Book your next stay with Mountain Air Cabin Rentals and enjoy the beautiful glow of fall in the Smoky Mountains!