Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy When Staying In Your Smoky Mountains Cabin

Spending a vacation in a Smoky Mountain Cabin is one of the most relaxing getaways you can embark on. Most of the time people want to relax in the cabin and simply enjoy the prospect of “doing nothing”. If you do get the feeling like you want to enjoy what the local area has to offer though, there are some great outdoor activities you can enjoy that will make your trip extra special. Here are a few of our favorite Smoky Mountain outdoor activities.

Go Stargazing

Especially if you are from a metropolitan area, one of the most amazing experiences you and your loved ones can take part in is the amazing stargazing opportunities in the Smoky Mountains. Simply grab a blanket, head out the front door of your cabin and you are ready for amazement. See how many shooting stars you can spot!

Go Bird Watching

The Smoky Mountains has an amazing array of different, beautiful birds. If you walk out the front door of your cabin and simply walk around the surrounding property, you’ll be amazed at how many different types of birds you will come across in the trees. For those of you that don’t want to get too much exercise while on your vacation, even sitting on the front porch will give you ample opportunities to see all kinds of birds you never see at home.

Take In A Sunset (Or Sunrise)

One great activity you can do from your cabin deck is taking in one of the Smoky Mountain’s beautiful sunsets or sunrises. Whether it’s cozying up with a blanket and a cup of coffee in the morning, or relaxing with a glass of wine and perhaps a small snack in the evening, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful colors our sunrises and sunsets have to offer.

Look For Wildlife

You would not believe all the wildlife you can spot, even from the front steps of your cabin. The Smoky Mountains is home to black bears, squirrels, deer, and many other beautiful animals.

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