How to Plan the Perfect Trip to the Smokies

Just like any other National Park in the Americas, the Smoky Mountains have their own secrets. Take a peek deeper through the frozen fog that gives our mountains their name and experience the charm and wonder nestled in their valleys and high atop their peaks. Start your family adventure within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by staying in one of our Gatlinburg cabins, Pigeon Forge cabins, or Sevierville, TN cabins. Plan your Smoky Mountain getaway with these remarkable locations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Cades Cove

Cades Cove is an abundant, lush valley and active home to vibrant wildlife in the Smoky Mountains. Cades Cove is rich in history dating back to the Cherokee Indians, as this was known as their hunting land. Coasting along the 11 mile paved loop by either car or bicycle allows visitors to visually learn about the early European settlers from the 1800s. Treat yourself to a relaxing picnic and later let loose with a refreshing drink from the falls.

Clingmans Dome

Be prepared to experience one of the most colorful and widespread sunsets of your life from the observatory of Clingmans Dome. Weather is a bit unpredictable here, this is a coniferous rainforest after all. Break away from the hustle and bustle of city living and spend a week or weekend away at one of the many Sevierville, TN cabins minutes away from this hidden gem. Don’t forget your raincoat!

The Chimney Tops

The Chimney Tops may only be 2 miles, but they are 2 gloriously rewarding miles. This trail requires ample dedication and awareness of your surroundings. The wildflowers seem to bloom brighter and bolder here, the trees more dominant and the view is both breathtaking and memorable. If you happen to stumble upon the wild Trilliums, you know you have stuck gold.

Elkmont (lightning bugs)

Is there anything more magical than being in a dark field while holding the hand of your loved one anticipating the e

minent glow of the synchronous fireflies? No! The beautifully timed glow is a mating ritual which takes place during the 21 day lifespan of adult male and female photinus carolinus beetles. Bioluminescence is a beautiful thing. Share a kiss with your sweetheart during the light show and you’ll be sure to leave with a glow.

Mt LeConte (Lodge)

Become one with nature in the most popular of all Gatlinburg cabins. LeConte Lodge is a unique wonderland all its own resting at 6,360 feet above elevation. A stone’s throw from the top of the third highest peak in the Smokies, the views are sprawling and the air is crisp. Witnessing daybreak at LeConte Lodge’s Myrtle point is considered to be such a moving experience that it is “life changing”. Making the hike to LeConte Lodge is endearing, and rewarding. Some may consider this a detachment from all things technology, but others see it as a hiker’s paradise.

Metcalf Bottoms

The trail to Metcalf Bottoms never disappoints. Metcalf Bottoms offers unlimited picnic locations, swimming holes, lively fishing, camping and plenty of history. The nature trail has a mild hike to the Little Greenbrier School and there is a road if you prefer to drive instead. Plan your

next family reunion at the pavilion or try your hand at catching your first trout. Imagine searching intently for arrowheads with the kids by the river’s edge and reward the winner with a round of hide and go seek. Metcalf Bottoms is a familiar ground built with a foundation of memories to come.

Little Brier Gap Trail/ Walker Sisters

Within the heart of a little mountain community, once known as Little Greenbriar, rests the historic Walker Sisters Place. Situated on a 400 acre farm, the cabin was a true homestead standing without running water or electricity. The Walker Sisters chose to not conform with the modern life than surrounded them. The sisters utilized their cabin and rich farmland in a well rooted fashion keeping with their own ways, the original ways of life. Offset from the Walker Sister Place is the Little Brier Gap Trail. This trail packs a historical punch during its short 1.4 mile length. You’ll find several preserved structures including a schoolhouse, the Walker Sisters Place, a springhouse and a corn crib.

The Lost CCC Camp

The Civilian Conservation Corps, also referred to as the CCC Camps, were created by President Roosevelt. Roosevelt had a mission to correct the hurt of unemployment which was set in motion by the depression. The President felt that by hiring unemployed men aged 18-22 to restore timber resources in our nation, he would strike the perfect balance. The young men built fire towers, forested the area and made fire roads. There are sparse remains left in the Smokemont area. Standing alone in the growing forest are memorable remnants of a moss covered chimney.

Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is 5.5 miles of breathtaking scenery. The trail is a fully paved one way loop with several pull offs for easy trail access. This loop is a self guided tour with numbered stops along the way. Be sure not to miss this experience after a hard mountain rain. On this tour is a magnificent site, known as the “Place of a Thousand Drips”. Connect with wildlife like wild boar and white tailed deer from the comfort of your own car. Roll down your windows, slowdown the day and let the Smoky Mountain breezes filter through.

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