How to Plan a Romantic Getaway in Our Pigeon Forge Cabins

Planning a romantic getaway in a Pigeon Forge cabin can be a lot of fun, and with so many different couple’s activities to partake in, it’s no wonder that couples love to pack up their suitcases and head to Pigeon Forge for a weekend getaway. On top of that, Mountain Air Cabin Rentals’ cabins that can be rented out all year round, so you can plan your trip year-round!

Rent A Pigeon Forge Cabin

It’s important to take time out of busy schedules and spend quality time with our significant others. Our cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge provide the privacy and atmosphere for a romantic getaway that is affordable where you can make lasting memories together. Couples can take advantage of the all of the available outdoor activities the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has to offer and then head back to their cabins in Pigeon Forge to rest their tired muscles in their cabin’s hot tub. Looking for the ideal cabin for two? Why not choose the Twin Hearts cabin in Pigeon Forge? This adorable cabin is perfect for two people looking to spend a romantic getaway, and is walking distance from to downtown Pigeon Forge.

Plan Out Your Weekend Fun: Choose Amongst the Many Activities That Pigeon Forge has to Offer

Plan ahead and create the weekend of your dreams with all of the fun activities Pigeon Forge has to offer--many of them perfect for couples on a romantic vacation. Here are a few examples of fun activities you can add to your itinerary:

  • Plan a trip to Dollywood! Named for Dolly Parton, our most famous Sevier County resident, Dollywood is a renowned theme park that offers many different activities. From water slides, amusement parks, live shows, to exquisite food, Dollywood is an excellent place to bring a loved one for a night of fun.

  • Explore the Smoky Mountains! Submerging yourself in nature is an amazing feeling, so why not share it with the one you love? Pack a picnic and head to Laurel Falls, not only is this a great hiking trail, but it leads you to a gorgeous waterfall, which is a great place to share a romantic lunch together.

  • Go Karting or play miniature golf!? Pigeon Forge offers both karting and miniature golf, so get competitive and find out which one of you is going to have to pay for supper.

Start planning your romantic getaway in a Pigeon Forge cabin today, and take advantage of the many different activities Pigeon Forge has to offer its visitors.