How to Spend a Smoky Mountain Snow Day

We’ve all dreamed of witnessing a Smoky Mountain snow. And from someone who has seen a snow day in the Smokies - it’s absolutely enchanting! It’s quiet and peaceful, the ground sparkles and the trees twinkle with the icy dusting of snow. If you have never been in the Smoky Mountains when it’s snowing you are missing out. But, if you are planning on visiting the Smokies this winter you just might witness a Smoky Mountain snow and here are a few things you can expect from a snow day in the Smokies.

A Smoky Mountain Snow Day

Wake up, jump out of the cozy king size bed, and peel back the curtains - there’s snow everywhere. At least six inches! The porch is covered in snow and the mountains are glistening with snow, it is a dream come true.

Wake the kids up, get them bundled up in coats and mittens, and spend the morning making snow angels and throwing snowballs! Then head inside the warm Smoky Mountain cabin for breakfast.

The fully equipped kitchen is perfect for making a pancake breakfast for the whole family. The best part? You never have to miss out on the snowy view while you’re cooking because the windows throughout the cabin provide incredible views of the Smokies.

Finally, snuggle up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee and a good book. Maybe even bring out a board game for the whole family to play! Or, pull up a chair and stare out into the snowy landscape.

If you would rather experience the snow up close and personal you can hop in the steaming hot tub on the back porch! Relax and unwind as you soak the day away with the most magical view around.

A snow day is not complete without a movie night! Pop some popcorn, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and a cozy blanket and you are ready for the perfect snow day movie. The big leather couches and the flat screen TVs make for the ultimate movie night!

When to enjoy a snow day in the Smokies

Winter is rather unpredictable in the Smoky Mountains. We joke in Tennessee that if you don't like the weather here, just stick around because it'll be different in a few days.

At lower elevations days can be sunny with temperatures up to 65 degrees even in the dead of winter, or they can be down in the 20s. Snow doesn't usually last more than a few days or come more than a few times a year.

But at higher elevations up in the mountains it is significantly cooler and the mountains get a lot more snow. Newfound Gap, which is nearly a mile above sea level, gets an average of 69" of snow each winter!

Chances are, if you come during the winter you'll see snow on the mountains even if it's pleasant and almost warm down in the foothills.


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