Things to do in Pigeon Forge

Spring is here again in the Smoky Mountains, so while you are planning your warm and fun family vacation, we thought we would compile a list of some of the major things to do with your family in and around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Completely plan your whole vacation by also selecting one of our cabins close by to your favorite attractions.

Tanger Outlet Mall

The biggest mall complex in Sevier County is large enough to have it's own trolley service to save on walking. More than 100 stores await you at Tanger between Sevierville and Pigeon Forge with lots of brand name clothing, restaurants, eateries, shoes, a mini­golf course and fun stuff you can't find for miles!

NASCAR Speed Park

If you've got fans of the raceway, bring them to Pigeon Forge where you can have a full day of fun at the NASCAR Speed Park! The park features 8 go­kart tracks, 10 rides, a 3­story rock wall and 2 18­hole minigolf courses which will please fans and visitors of all ages.

Walden's Landing

Pigeon Forge's hottest city square is Walden's Landing, featuring several restaurants (Smoky Mountain Brewery, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Calhoun's), many stores selling a wide variety of gifts and foods, the Firehouse Golf Course, The Forge Cinema and much more! Not to mention being within walking distance to the Christmas Village, several hotels and the Pigeon Forge Community Center, do you need another reason to visit?


Firehouse Golf

Sound the alarm ­ Pigeon Forge's hot mini­golf course is on fire! Maybe an exaggeration, but with all families that come to Walden's Landing and enjoy themselves on the twin 18­ hole courses... well, where there's smoke...

Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride

Journey back to the time when dinosaurs weren't just confined to zoos at the Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride next to Lazerport in downtown Pigeon Forge. There are 700,000 cubic feet of excitement and terror just beyond the gate and it's one of the most thrilling animatronic experiences you can find in East Tennessee.


If you only come to Pigeon Forge for one attraction, Dollywood is it. The most famous attraction in East Tennessee didn't win that distinction without years of hard work and millions of satisfied customers ­ you just need to visit for any and all information regarding thepark.

Splash Country

Right next to Dollywood is East Tennessee's premier water park, featuring dozens of rides, slides and interactive fun ways to get soaked at high speeds, a lazy river, a wave pool, areas for younger kids, eateries and so much more! It could take more a full day to enjoy everything Splash Country has to offer, so see for complete details and everything you need to build an itinerary.


ZorbEveryone remembers rolling down the hill like a ball and wanting to do it inside a giant sphere of
their own ­ and Zorb makes that childhood dream come true! The hills of Pigeon Forge are
perfect for tumbling down in a giant, airtight and 100% safe Zorb ball with optional water for a wet
ride and many more options!

Professor Hacker's

How many mini­golf places let you take a magnetic mine cart ride to the starting hole? Professor Hacker's offers some interesting charms just like this, with two 18­hole golf courses going through caves, waterfalls, jails and more, it's one of the most fun mini­golf stations in the county.­golf­locations/pigeon­forge­tn

Adventure Golf/Adventure Racing

This is one of the oldest mini­golf stations in the county, and it didn't last more than 20 years of business in shifting economies and interests without being awesome at its core. Play through Dinosaurs, Pirate Ships, the iconic Octopus and more! Also has a large Go­Kart spiral track.

Fast Tracks

One of several family fun centers on the parkway in Pigeon Forge, Fast Tracks is where you go for speed! There's CAN­AM racing, kiddie rides, bungee jumping, an ejection seat, arcade and much more. Combine this with 3 Bears General Store, Rockin' Raceway and Star Tracks for an awesome, fun­filled night out with the kids!

The Track

The TrackOne of Pigeon Forge's oldest family fun parks is still going strong at the Wears Valley junction in the downtown city. Go­ karts, bumper­boats, arcade, miniature golf and one of the few places in town with an area set aside specifically for the kids. You're also within walking distance to several of the malls, shopping areas and restaurants in Pigeon Forge as well.


A kid's birthday party come true in downtown Pigeon Forge, Lazerport has just about everything your child, and likely yourself, could possibly want ­ black light mini­golf, large arcade, go ­karts, ice cream parlor and, of course, the laser tag arena! A whole afternoon of fun could be found here at a minimum, so check out

The Old Mill

The historic center of downtown Pigeon Forge, the Old Mill is the Arts and Crafts community of the city with homemade pottery, foods, restaurants, toys, candy, gifts and much more. The Patriot Park is located just across the street and serves as the central hub of the Pigeon Forge trolley system. www.old­* Flyaway Indoor Skydiving There’s nothing like this for miles around in the Smokies! In downtown Pigeon Forge, next to Stewart Drugs, is the only place you can go Skydiving without launching out of an airplane. Safe fun and a thrill ride at the same time!

The Tomb

An Indiana Jones­style adventure in Walden’s Landing, you are trapped inside the eponymous tomb by the curse of a Pharoah and you must solve its challenges to make it out alive. A 45 minute expedition and definitely something quite different here in the Smokies.

3 Bears General Store

More of an entertainment center than a store, the 3 Bears General Store is a multi­level gift shop with local gifts, crafts, dolls, Make­Ur­Bear factory, jewelry and more alongside an arcade, ice cream shop, home­made fudge, and much more!

Dixie Stampede

The dinner and show that’s been dazzling crowds for over 20 years, Dixie Stampede is an essential part of the Pigeon Forge entertainment industry. Some of the best southern food with some of the best southern music and dancing at the same time are waiting for you at Dixie Stampede!

The Comedy Barn

The funniest show in Pigeon Forge’s extensive theater industry, The Comedy Barn has been putting audiences in stitches for over 15 years and the show gets better with each passing year! If you’re a fan of psychic farm animals, southern­fried ventriloquists, and free seating for Kids under 11, this is where you want to go.

Hollywood Wax Museum

The Wax Museum has grown and the expansion required a move to Pigeon Forge, what was once an awesome attraction inside a block of buildings is now a skyscraper under attack by King Kong aside a new Mt. Rushmore with Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne and more. Come see the greatest Wax Museum this side of Tussauds!


A fantasy role­playing game has come to life in Pigeon Forge next to Mellow Mushroom on the parkway ­ an interactive medieval magic fun zone where dragons, pixies, wizards and such, like a video game you can actually travel inside of!

Star Tracks

A two story arcade, go­kart and lazer­tag scene next to Stages West in Pigeon Forge, Star Tracks has been delighting families, church groups, and the young at heart for over 15 years.Combine this with 3 Bears General Store, Fast Tracks and Rockin' Raceway for an awesome, fun­filled night out with the kids!

Titanic Museum

Who would’ve expected the Titanic would end its legendary journey here in Pigeon Forge? A major surprise hit if there ever was one, the Titanic Museum is not only the coolest museum in the city, it is a center for special events and seasonal activities in town too. See everything they have going on at


This upside down labyrinth of scientific insanity is no joke ­ you might not be the same person coming out as the one that went in! All KINDS of crazy interactive fun stuff: a bicycle that rides in upside down loops, natural disaster simulators, a rollercoaster experience you build yourself and a real life psychic duel chamber. Only at