Top 5 Cabin Amenities to Make Your Stay Unforgettable

Every cabin has its own special amenities, style, and things you love about it. At Alpine Mountain Chalets, we’re always trying to add cabins to our rental pool that have the amenities that our guests love. Based on their feedback, these are the top five cabin amenities to make your stay unforgettable.  

Top Amenity #1: Hot Tub

Who doesn't want to hang out on a balcony overlooking the Smokes in a relaxing hot tub? Soak away the stresses of life while enjoying mountain views or the star-studded sky. 

Top Amenity #2:  Fireplace

Is it getting a little cold outside? Come on in! Don't worry; we leave the smoke in the "Smokey Mountains." All our indoor fireplaces are gas, so you don't have to worry about finding logs or the smoke from the fire. Take in the view cuddled up next to your family by the warmth of the fire.

Top Amenity #3: Fully Equipped Kitchens

Is the family getting a little hungry? No worries, every cabin has a kitchen stocked with all the tools you need to make Jr's favorite meal, even if it is the third time he's eaten it this week. Or if your feeling simple, no problem, we've got microwaves and coffee pots ready to go! 

Top Amenity #4: Internet Access

Do you have a teen in the group that just can't step away from the phone? We've got you covered there too. Although we think once they see the views and start having fun, a cell phone will be the last thing they're looking at. They just don't know that yet. 

Top Amenity #5: Comfort

This one's for mom and dad, we know you're not coming here to be uncomfortable! All our cabins have wonderful queen or king-sized beds in the master suites, just begging you to rest on. It's a vacation, sleep in a little. You deserve it! Let the kids enjoy there time as you enjoy yours. 

Now that you know what the top amenities are in a Pigeon Forge cabin, choose your perfect one. Blessed With a View is the perfect cabin for a romantic getaway while Hidden Treasures is a good option for a family getaway. Visit Alpine Mountain Chalets to see all of our cabin options with great amenities.