Winter in a Smoky Mountain Cabin: What to Expect

f you ask us, Winter might just be our favorite season in the Great Smoky Mountains. Why? Well, take a look….

Cozy nights by the fireplace…


Winter means we can put on our wool socks, grab a cup of cocoa, maybe turn up our favorite tunes and sit by the crackling fire. Yep, that sounds like a perfect evening if you ask me.

Brisk mountain air and sweeping views…


In the winter, mornings start by snuggling up in a quilt with a cup of coffee in our hands and a sweeping view of the Great Smoky Mountains. We don’t mind the crisp mountain air on our face either!

Movie nights…


Winter nights are the perfect nights to snuggle up in the theater room and turn on your favorite movie. Pop some popcorn, bring some candy too and you’re set for a great winter night in a Smoky Mountain cabin.

Soaking in the hot tub…


Cold winter days and a steaming hot tub. Now, that sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Add a view of the Smoky Mountains and it just gets better!

Pancake Breakfast in a Smoky Mountain cabin…


Wake up on a cold winter morning in a cozy Smoky Mountain cabin. Head into the kitchen and enjoy the morning baking pancakes and then enjoy breakfast around the table as a family. It doesn’t get much better than spending your morning in a Smoky Mountain cabin!

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We hope to see you this winter in the Smoky Mountains!