Cabin Rental Reservation Policies


All reservations require half of your rental rate plus a $50.00 administration fee at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to your arrival date. The balance will automatically be charged to the credit card that you provided at the time of booking unless you request otherwise. If you book 15 days or less, prior to your arrival date, payment is to be paid in full at the time booking. We do accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

If paying your balance by check, we have to have it at least 30 days prior to your arrival date. No personal checks will be accepted within that time. If a check is returned, there is a $50.00 returned check fee.

If you are booking a reservation for a second party with your credit card and you are not going to be staying in the rental, please call our office for assistance with your reservation. We do have important information that we need to provide and receive to/from the credit card holder. If we cannot send/receive this information, the party you are booking the rental for will not be allowed to check into the rental.


Mountain Air Cabin Rentals has a NO REFUNDS policy. Should you need to change your rental dates, you may reschedule your stay with a 15 day notice, prior to your arrival, with no penalty.

Mountain Air Cabin Rentals offers a Deposit Guarantee. The Deposit Guarantee is 7% of your reservation. The Deposit Guarantee is an optional charge. If you chose this option and need to cancel your reservation up to 15 days prior to your arrival, you will be refunded all monies paid except for the cost of the Deposit Guarantee. Inside 7 days of your arrival, even with the Deposit Guarantee, there will be no refunds, but the Deposit Guarantee will allow you to reschedule your stay in the event of a documented emergency, such as medical or death in the immediate family. Please call if you have any questions concerning the Deposit Guarantee.

If you choose NOT to take the Deposit Guarantee, you will need to “opt out” if booking online or if booking by phone, please notify the reservation staff at the time of booking. You will not be entitled to a refund from Mountain Air Cabin Rentals if you refuse to purchase the policy.


Check-in time begins at 3:00 pm EST. or later. On the day of your arrival you will need to call the office before 5:00 PM EST to get the key code (alarm code if equipped) for your rental, if you have pre-registered with the office. (We can only release the key code to the person whose name is on the reservation).

To pre-register, you will need to print, complete and sign the confirmation we send you and send back along with a copy of your driver’s license or photo ID. You can email this information to, fax it to (865) 446-4586 or mail it to Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC 1725 Walden’s Creek Rd. Suite 104 Sevierville, TN 37862.

Once we receive this information and your balance has been paid, we will email you directions to your rental. If you do not pre-register, you will need to stop in at our office and register before 6:00 pm EST. If you have not pre-registered with the office and are expecting to be arriving later than 6:00 pm EST., please call the office and make arrangements for a late arrival packet to be left in our late arrival box located at our office.

Look over the directions to your rental prior to your arrival and call if you have questions or concerns. Please go by the written directions that we provide to your rental. GPS systems can lead you in the wrong direction once you get into the mountainous areas. The directions we provide are more accurate–we are more familiar with the location of our rentals and of the area. While we do make every effort possible to have your rental ready by 3:00 pm EST, there could be a slight delay at check-in during Peak or Holiday Seasons – YOUR PATIENCE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

*Some rentals may require a car pass for the vehicles in your party. If so, you will have to stop by our office to pick these up. Your rental directions will indicate if you need this pass and if the area your rental is located has any restrictions. **Keys should remain in the lock box at all times.


Check-out time is 10:00 am EST., late departures will result in a $100.00 minimum fee. Should you find it necessary to leave earlier than your reserved departure date, NO REFUNDS will be given for early departures or any other reasons, including inclement weather and/or road conditions. If you are traveling to the area during the winter season, we advise that you keep a check on our local weather. In order to help us keep our rentals maintained for the next renter as it was for you, we ask that you please adhere to the following rules:

*Wash all dishes and put them away, or if your rental is equipped, place dishes in the dishwasher and start the cleaning cycle. The dish cleaning works on an honor system.

*Bag and place all trash in the outside trash cans.

*Place wet towels, washcloths, and used bed sheets and pillowcases on the bathroom floor.

*Do not dispose of hot ashes, fire logs or coals from your grill or fireplace in the trash cans. Please place them in the marked ash cans that are provided.

*Turn off all lights, small appliances and set the heat at 65 degrees in the winter months and air conditioners at 75 degrees summer months.

*Please ensure all doors and windows are locked upon your departure and replace the key in the lockbox. If your rental has a keyless entry, please check the door to ensure that the lock engaged.

*If your rental has an alarm system, please re-set the alarm.

*We are not responsible for lost or left behind items. However, if we do find any items, we will ship back the item(s) that are found (if requested). We use a local shipping company to ship the item(s). The shipping charges will be charged to the credit card we have on file by the shipping company. We will only hold any unclaimed items left behind for seven (7) days before disposal.

Damage / Excessive Cleanup Policies

If there is a need for extra or excessive cleaning upon your departure, you will be charged a minimum of the following fees:

  • If there are dirty dishes left in the sink: $75.00 minimum fee
  • If there was smoking in the unit (ALL of our units are NON-SMOKING): $150.00 minimum fee
  • If bubbles or oils are found in a hot tub: $75.00 minimum fee
  • If hot tub covers are damaged: $375.00 – $475.00 replacement fee
*There is a $40.00 fee if you need your hot tub serviced if your stay is under 7 days.

*Any theft, vandalism or intentional damage will be photographed and reported to our local law enforcement and litigation is possible.

*Any guest that we are forced to evict will forfeit all monies paid and no credits will be issued.

*By signing this rental agreement you are acknowledging and accepting that this is a legal and binding contract and therefore gives Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC the right to collect, on behalf of the owner, payment for damages, missing items, and/or excessive cleaning that are made necessary by your stay.

*Due to strict fire codes, rentals are not to be used for parties or gatherings that exceed the sleeping capacity of the cabin.

*Full payment for all damages, missing items and extra cleaning are the responsibility of the person’s name that is on the reservation and will be billed to the credit card of that guest

Indemnity Clause

The registered renter agrees to indemnify Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC, of any damages to the premises, which result from the renter’s occupancy (including furnishings and household items) and/or damages found upon arrival. The registered guest is the person who will be responsible for any damages his/her group causes to the property. Neither the rentals owner nor Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC, will be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. The registered guest assumes full responsibility for any and all damages that his/her party causes, such as, but not limited to, excessive cleaning charges for problems caused by his/her party or for any items found to be missing after his/her party’s visit, including linens and towels. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests of the registered renter are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

Pet Policy

Based on the choice of rental owners, pets are allowed ONLY in rentals that state they are “pet friendly” and will be limited to dogs only. There is a $50.00 non-refundable pet fee for each dog. No more then two (2) dogs per pet friendly rental. If a pet is found in a rental that does not allow pets, there will be a minimum charge of $100.00. Please discuss this issue with us if you have any doubts. You will be responsible for any damage(s) caused by your pet. If you are leaving your pet(s) unattended in the rental, they must be crated during your absence.

Hot Tubs and Covers

Our hot tubs are cleaned/chemically treated after each guest. However, to make your hot tub experience safer from bacteria, it is recommended to turn on and run the hot tub jets for at least 10 minutes prior to use. The guest who signs the rental agreement will be responsible to tell anyone in his/her party that will be using the hot tub of all potential hot tub hazards. Hot tub use is strictly at your own risk. Children, pregnant women, persons with heart conditions and anyone who has consumed alcohol should NOT use the hot tubs. No food or drinks are permitted in the hot tub. If the hot tub is used excessively during a stay shorter than seven (7) days and requires dumping and refilling, there is a $40.00 service charge. Covers should remain on the hot tub at all times when not in use.

By using the hot tub, and signing the rental agreement, you are absolving Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC, hot tub service providers and the owner of any and all responsibility related to the hot tub or its use.

Damages to Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis

All hot tubs and/or Jacuzzi tubs are fully inspected after each rental. Soaps, bubble baths, and bath oil use are PROHIBITED in all hot tubs and/or Jacuzzi tubs. There will be a minimum charge of $75.00 if misuse is discovered upon your departure. Damage to hot tub covers will result in a $375.00-$475.00 charge

Water-Pests & FAQ’s

Many of the rentals in this area have well water. In some cases the rental will have a filtration system, but not all do. A filtration system does not guarantee that the odor will be completely eliminated.

All of our rentals are on a monthly pest prevention routine, however, it does not completely eliminate all the little “critters” that you may see.

To get answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions, please click here. If this page does not provide the answer to your question(s), please do not hesitate to call us!


Fireplaces are operational starting October 1st and they will be shut down for the season starting April 1st. Please do NOT place any items in the gas fireplaces, or try adjusting the logs. You will be responsible for any damage due to tampering or misuse. Many of our cabins have gas logs with timers installed.  Instructions on how to operate the timers are posted near the fireplace. If you have any questions, please call us and we will assist you. We do NOT provide firewood, matches, lighters, kindling, fire starter logs, etc…

Refunds & Contacts

All rentals will be inspected after each guest. Everything will be checked to make sure it is in working order prior to your arrival. If for some reason there is equipment failure, we will make every effort to fix the issue promptly. We will not be obligated to give refunds for early departures; malfunctions in the equipment (i.e. hot tubs, jacuzzi, TV’s, fireplaces, DVD players, etc.), power outages, or inclement weather conditions.

Please call our office if you have any maintenance or housekeeping issues during business hours.

To ensure that our guests are happy and comfortable with their rental unit, we do offer a two (2) hour guarantee on our rentals. We ask that upon your arrival you inspect your rental and if you are not happy, within the first two (2) hours of your arrival, we will move you to another rental, if available.

Rental or date changes will not be allowed 15 days prior to arrival date unless approved by Management.

If you lose electricity, please call the Electric Company from your cabin phone (if possible) at 453-2887 so that they quickly can identify issue.

Respect Our Owner’s Property

All of our rental homes are individually owned by people just like you. We ask that you treat their property just as you would your own and leave no damage. If for any reason you need to move the furniture, please make sure that it is placed back in the original arrangement. If moving furniture, please be careful and don’t scratch or damage the floors and/or furniture.

Absolutely no house parties or unsupervised large student groups are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at our discretion.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 21. We do not rent to anyone under age 21 and may use our right of refusal to decline any reservations. You must be 21 or older to rent a one (1) or two (2) bedroom unit and 25 or older to rent a three (3) bedroom or larger.

If a house party is discovered to be taking place in any of our rental units, the entire group will be required to leave. No refunds will be given. If a guest DOES have a party of which we are made aware, that guest will be charged for any and all damages discovered and the same will be reported to local law enforcement and possibly followed by litigation. This is considered fraud and is prosecutable as defrauding an innkeeper in the state of Tennessee. Rental unit occupancy is strictly enforced. Please adhere to the rentals sleeping maximums. Strict Tennessee fire codes prevent rental cabins from being overpopulated. If you misrepresent the number of people in your party, you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given. We absolutely will not allow house parties of any kind.

All of the rentals are privately owned; neither the rental owner nor Mountain Air Cabin Rentals, LLC will be responsible for any accidents, injuries or illnesses that should occur while on the premises. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

We hope you enjoy your stay and Mountain Air Cabin Rentals LLC would like to invite you to

“Come Be A Part Of Our Family”!

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